Why the PS4 paves the foundation for PS5

“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe“

Abe Lincoln


It’s no secret that the PS4 has dominated the console wars of this

generation.It is evident by the raw number of console sales of over 110

million consoles sold in the course of its life cycle.But as Abe Lincoln

once quoted long before,Sony appears to have laid its foundation

for the next gen,through it’s proven hegemony on it’s current console.

It is highly unlikely,the next gen console from Sony would show any

slowing of momentum any time soon.Superb exclusives,hardware and

software from the current gen PS4 shows how the integrity of the

system shows in gamers satisfaction and the sales of the consoles .

The sales shows,the triple AAA titles brought by Sony absolutely

tugged gamers to their beloved console.The premium power brought by

the PS4 console certainly made customers felt it was worth their

had earned cash.Only time tells,till launch of the PS5 later for the

holidays this year,do we know about the full plan in all its glory.


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